Tasty After Effects Scripts Roundup

Unless you've been living under a motionless rock you should have noticed a massive influx of amazing new scripts and script UI panels available to After Effects users. These scripts are great at empowering motion designers by saving time and extending capabilities. 

https://aescripts.com/ is the the number 1 resource for AE scripts & presets, some of the plug ins and scripts are absolutely mind blowing, heres a quick round up of some of our favourites.


Pixel Sorter

Are glitchy, data mosh videos your bag? Do you like  to shake things up, mess with footage or create some disturbing "melted" realities? If s Pixel Sorter is the one for you. A great script to perform "pixel sorting" a cool melting/sliding effect creating quite a complex artefact glitch effect with ease.






After Codecs

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzz...... Fed up with After Effects renders taking forever? Then this scrip is for you. Leveraging the power of an external rendered this amazing script allows you to output in everal different formats included H264, h.265 & Prores. And it does all of this considerably faster than the Adobe standard renderer, and a bonus, the qulality is better and file sizes smaller, WOW!.





Limber is an amazing new script released on Ae script to be used in creating... youu guessed it, limbs! Used as part of a IK rigging process, Limber is a great way of creating and animating arms and legs on your friendly characters!




Head Rig

2d Character Animation can be awesome! But it can also be waaaay harder than many realise. With scripts like head rigger, things become a darn sight easier. This great scripts really helps out with creating easily animateable and controlable head rigs.





Joystick & Sliders

Taking rigging to the next level we have Joystick & Sliders. quite possibly the biggest revelation in rigging and 2d animation  in After Effects, J&S allows you to easily create hugely customised controls to use in your animation. Words can't do this script justice, check out the power of this in the video below!

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