Freelance Marketing Tips - Be Human!


 You don't have to be Ghandi or Steve Jobs to have a credible story worthy of presenting to the world. We are all human and when marketing ourselves as a brand we do seem to forget that sometimes, it is at times our human side that is most important in growing a business and building relationships.

In an attempt to come off as a "professional" it is tempting to suddenly become a "we" - self promoting ourselves to CEO of www.johnies** . But the industry is changing, with freelancers on the rise, its ok to be a one man band, and even play that to your advantage with a personal touch.



A well presented About page telling your back story and capturing your character can work wonders. Human interaction on social networking and exposing your personality is also a great way of building personal connections whilst establishing yourself as a brand.
The freelance design community is continuing to swell, so stand up, be proud and make yourself human amongst the drones of designers out there.


A side note - pick up the phone! If your anything like me I feel safest behind my desk and keeping my mouth shut (and full of cake!). But dont be afraid to pick up the phone and call that agency you'd love to work for, or potential client who could benefit from a slick animation.

90% of what we say is not the words themselves, so by talking over the phone (or ideally in person) we can create that personal connection, make friends and maybe, just maybe get hired!

Do you have any great tips for implementing a human approach to your personal brand, it'd be amazing if you could share in the comments below!

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