After Effetcs Character Animation Tutorials - Learning Roundup

As a new feature, we are scouring the web to find you the best free learning resources to help kick start your learning. This week we're focusing on character animation tutorials in After Effects. A subject more tricky than many realise, getting the balance and subtle nuances of characters can be hard, these fantastic resources are sure to help you on your way!


Easy Character Rigging by Gigantic

A great tutorial for covering the basics of rigging and animating a character using duik. Granted this wont cover the more specific elements of character animation but it will get you going with the rigging side of things.


Adobe Sessions with James Curran

James Curran is a fantastic 2d animator from the UK, his signature flat style and dedication to create A class gif's have lead to a huge fan base. Teaming up with Adobe he offers a series of how to instructional videos taking the viewer through the creation of some of his gifs.




Walk Cycles by Tony Babel

Walk cycles can be tricky, its only once we attempt them we discover how hard it is to keep a character grounded and "moving". Floating characters with flailing legs swinging around are not cool (well, maybe they are, who knows!). This is a great tutoril on the basics of the all iimportant walk cycle.



Head Rigging by Motion Plus

Ahhhh the wonderful Joystick and Sliders, this is a fantastic game changer of a script, perfect for head rigging. This great tutorial from motion plus give s a good top line intro into head rigging and animation.

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