5 Great Places for Motion Graphics Inspiration

As you know the Motion Graphics industry is booming, with online media consumption predicted to be 80% video  based by 2019, there is already a huge knock on effect. The good news... there are a ton of awesome artists out there creating some mind blowing work and it means theres a real feeding frenzy of inspiration! Here's a list of 5 great resources for your daily fix.



Founded in November 2004 by Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein, Vimeo offers its users the chance to upload, share and view videos. In Vimeo channels, users have to select a category from a long list that includes animations, documentary, comedy, fashion etc. to create their own customized channels to be shared with their friends and family, or for advertising as a business or Freelancer. The bottom line, Vimeo channels directed toward Motion graphics are a great daily go to, for that inspirational fix!


Behance is an online platform that was founded in 2007. A large collection of motion graphics from different parts of the world are displayed for viewership and sharing. Serving as both a platform for you to share your work and a great place to search for ideas, its a great all round resource.


Dribbble is another great experience for the creative minds out there. It is a remarkable channel where artists showcase their work, discover opportunities and get feedback on their projects. Dribbble is quickly becoming a real "go-to" hotspot for inspiration with a pool of pre qualified creative talent, its definitely worth giving it a shot!.. (pun intended!)


Art of the Title facilitates innovators from around the globe to display their master pieces and get appreciated. From designers to film makers to video gamers; this website features the work of all those who believe in creativity and uniqueness. Its a great spot for insight as well, getting inside the mind of the industry greats for instance check out this in depth look at the creative process for the True Detective title sequence by Patrick Clair 


Motion Graphics Served is actually a collection of sites featured by the above mentioned Behance. As Behance is well-known for its remarkably huge international network of creative professionals therefore, users sign up or log in through their Behance account to submit their work. Once the portfolio is completed, the Served team filters the best submission in each category like Animation, Food, Fashion etc. to be featured as the top work.

These platforms stand out as the world’s hub to crown creativity and innovation. Designers, artists, video gamers, video makers, graphics designers and other equally talented minds share their impressive portfolios that is highly appreciated and creates a forum for bigger and better opportunities. People gain recognition and their hard work gets promotion and an active audience. This eventually leads to exploring new possibilities and ideas that remained previously unknown.

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